World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be released on PC in 2020. BlizzCon 2019: Developers want to add a trace play World of Warcraft

During BlizzCon 2019, the developers of World of Warcraft talked about the desire

MMO to introduce new technologies. One of them is ray tracing.

The team that is responsible for the game engine is already working on the implementation

retrace, but the timing of adding technology is unknown.

Another goal of the developers is to make WoW possible to run on

as much as possible the number of machines. Using DX12 and ray tracing.

do not interfere with the expansion of settings.

Perhaps the first changes will appear in World of Warcraft with the launch

large-scale additions Shadowlands.

Blizzard has resumed

«Invite a friend!& quot; in

World of Warcraft

Blizzard has resumed the program » Invite a friend!" in World of Warcraft, as well as

updated rewards. Friends will be able to instantly move to each other every 30

minutes, and will receive a 50% increase in experience while playing together.

Each player will be able to invite up to 10 friends, from which you can get

quite good bonuses. For example, the playing time, costumes, transportation,

enchantment, rank, junglecat and backpack. Read more about the awards

on the company blog.

When you’re ready to invite your friends to Azeroth, just log in to WoW and

create an invitation link using the special menu. One link

can register up to four friends to invite to the game yet

more friends, you will need to create a new link — this can be done every 30


In-game rewards can be used in World of Warcraft, but not in

World of Warcraft Classic. Free game time earned by participating in

«Invite a friend!»can be used to play as in World of

Warcraft, and in WoW Classic.

Blizzard explained why it took 15 years to the addition of new ethnic groups in World of Warcraft

Blizzard will add many new options to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

character settings that include more skin tones and

face options allowing players to create a more ethnically diverse

hero’s. But why did it take 15 years?

According to an interview with Eurogamer, Blizzard did not have the time or resources to


One of the things that is the reality of video game production is that,

that we have to decide exactly where to spend our resources. We have time,

which we can spend on the characters, but we have to make a decision about


What we really didn’t want to do was just stick a new color on

skin and say Yes, done, we have variety.

Instead, we changed the faces of these characters to match

ethnos. It takes time, but we wanted to get it right. The most

the big challenge is to make them look organic in the game.

That it takes a lot of time and resources is certainly plausible, but

15 years is too long for such a large company.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be released in 2020. BlizzCon 2019: Developers ready to release the old ones add-ons for WoW Classic

World of Warcraft: Classic was a huge success with Blizzard and now that

since the release of the vanilla version of the MMO has been several months, many

players wondered if the game would get add-ons like it used to?

Apparently, the developers are not against this idea.

During an appearance at BlizzCon 2019 the Executive Director of World of

Warcraft John Wright said that Blizzard does not exclude the release of major Addons

for the WoW Classic, and even asked fans which one they would like to see first.

Judging by the reaction, the audience is more interested in the Wrath of the Lich King.

There are currently no plans to introduce any of these Addons into

a game, but the Studio is definitely open to ideas in the future.

WoW Classic continues to live and develop without additions. Before the game came out

dungeon «Forgotten city», and on November 12 there will be an update that will add

PvP-honor system.

Union guilds brought player-Tauren in sacrifice magni Dwarf in WoW classic

Bunnings warehouse Guild in WWII classic decided to donate

Magni Bronzebeard player of the Horde. More than 40 players were ambushed by Tauren

Semsem who went to the location of the Fiery Depths, took it under control with the help

with the spell «mind control» and patiently brought him to the king.

They drove away other players, he tried to escape and even died on the way, but his


In the end, they brought him to the king, built a corridor through which

sent player-Tauren. As a result, he was executed, and magni Bronzebeard appreciated


Surprisingly, Semmsem decided to play along with the players of the Alliance and did not quit the game.

In the end, the entire chat expressed respect for the Horde player.

In the world of Warcraft:

Shadowlands at maximum

the level will be determined

up to 60 for cleaning

it’s pointless to grind

Over the years, the development of World of Warcraft, the maximum level of players has grown to

120, and newcomers have to go through already irrelevant content to

get the opportunity to move to new locations. With the Shadowlands addon

Blizzard will try to get rid of this problem. The company dominates

the maximum level of players is up to 60, and the starting zones will also change. 

Beginners will be introduced to the game in a new area in which it will be possible to

it is not necessary to meet with beginners and high level players

present a problem. With maximum level change the company wants,

to make gamers look forward to a pay rise:

We want to make sure that when you get a level then you get something

class. For example, ability. It’s not just «Ding» and the lights go out. In

as a result, you will have something new.

You always get something. Whether it’s unlocking new content or buff for

abilities. This should be a more enjoyable way to reach the levels.

There will also be the option to choose which extension to go through to boost

level to 50 and get access to the Shadowlands content. Ultimately, the goal

it make the whole process of progress fun rather than boring


Like a beetle from world of Warcraft bred deadly Bear’s

There are countless amazing creatures in the world of Warcraft,

endowed with otherworldly powers. Legendary dragons, fire

elementals the size of skyscrapers, many varieties of wild boars… and this one

this list can be continued for a long time. However, once in the game, one beast,

able to give odds to all the other monsters.

We are talking about a deadly bear (as it was called by the developers themselves) with

Arati Highlands.

Perhaps, each of us is approximately familiar with the behavior of bears:

they growl, stand on their hind legs, wave their forelegs, bite, and in winter… 

winter. But the deadly bear did none of this. And

who do you think Blizzard designer Joe Magdalena remembered when his

asked on Twitter about World of Warcraft’s most memorable mistakes?

Discovered the beast while testing the first Supplement Burning Crusade

(2007), and then the bear could kill any player just by looking at him.

It was an unimaginable mistake. No enemies in MMO, and in any video games, early

or later to be defeated. Just need to pick up some » key»;,

correct tactics. However, the deadly bear remained invulnerable, and those who

I dared to go to him, I couldn’t really check anything, because

they died before they could swing their weapons.

In correspondence with Kotaku, Magdalena explained that » the God of bears»;

there were problems with numbers as a result. It turns out he was striking at

and so fast that it seemed to be killing his eyes.

Magdalena, who was a regular WoW tester at The time, explained::

We checked the battle logs and saw hundreds of entries like » brown bear beats you

for 1″, «brown bear beats you for 1», «brown bear beats you for 1″, » brown bear beats you

for 2 » and so on. He didn’t deal much damage at a time, but the number of hits

instantly became enormous.

The quality Department decided to check the parameters of the bear. His attack speed instead

The price was $ 0.002. That means he attacked every two thousandths of a second.

This is very fast for bears and other real or imaginary creatures.

When you create something, the developers are working with spreadsheets

and, perhaps, it was a banal typo. Wrong

put a decimal point, creating an inexplicable horror!

Sometimes a funny mistake in a video game can be related to a disguised one

the ability. But certainly not in the case of the death bear.

Magdalena said the developers decided to keep the bear in the game despite

that it was the result of a mistake. However, the players did not have such an opportunity

I’ll answer because they were just dying. For your own satisfaction

the developers attributed to this monster the legend of the deadly bear. But they

we knew it couldn’t last long.

The release of WoW Classic reminded players of a wonderful time when the game world

it was getting more dangerous because of the unexpected threats, Oh

which no one even warned you about. Deadly bear can be called

the highest manifestation of this spirit. Imagine, for example, Azeroth, in which

several hundred players gathered together, waiting like lazy and

slowly will pass this monster. Many gamers have banded together to fight

one is impregnable against the enemy.

Magdalena isn’t sure even the current WoW player base will handle it

a utopian beast, but actually hoping to become a deadly bear

will find its place in the game, which is now working for Joe. How

you see, we are talking about the stone of the hearth. At the same time, Joe stressed that

WoW Classic community is just not ready for the appearance of such a monster.

Now I’m a Hearthstone designer. I believe that the appearance of the bear of death can

become a fun addition, for Example, for the brawl tavern or treasure map in

Dungeon Escape. Can be a lot of fun, especially now that the legend

spread far beyond a joke between a few old school

testers from the quality assurance Department.

Lots of activities

Lots of activities

Often I hear from players that they " have nothing to do & quot; in WWII. Some just complain about

this, blaming the developers, they say, they were not given content. And other players who

more consciously approach the question, understand that " there is nothing to do & quot; = & quot;I do not want to do

what is". Because in fact, in the current version of the game just darkness!

Now I will list only the main ones:


 Миф myths and myths+

 Фрон fronts (Yes, it is doubtful, but they are and someone likes)

 Экспед expeditions for mounts and transmog


Farm reputation

Farm Bfashnyh mounts and Pets

Farm mounts and Pets previous additions

 Фар farm transmogrification

 ПВ PvP of an unrated (heap BG)

 ПВ PvP rating

World Pvp, which very even there is during invasions or in populated

Yes, there would be a desire

Of questing, actually

 Прока pumping violas

Role play

If it’s not a lot of things to do, I don’t know.

Plot Battle for Azeroth

This point does not quite fit into the overall picture, but I will now explain why it

got on the list.

Many water the plot of the BFA with poop, shout that it is illogical, that it is not

some sense that the actions of the characters are not justified and so on. But

now let’s look at what’s happening from a different angle!

First, the ancient Gods were involved, and with Them one could never be sure,

that the characters act on their own conclusions, perhaps by them

manipulate. Secondly, there is the human factor. If we need someone

the act seems illogical, it does not mean that it is, right? In-

third, Sylvanas is the Queen of not only the forsaken, but also a different kind of intrigue,

and if she had burned Teldrassil, then she must have done it for some reason


Actually, the plot of the BFA does not like only for the conflict in the Horde, they say " again the Horde is bad",

"Saurfang the traitor ","Silvana the creature & quot; and so on. But… think about how many themes on

the forum was created, how many keyboards ipecacuana, how many words are said on this

plot’s. All this suggests that it was a success! We just haven’t seen the ending yet and, uh,

strange guesses, do not less strange conclusions.

Of course, there are illogicalities and absurdities, but they are also in the masterpieces of world literature

full, isn’t it? Take the same Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings and the famous conflict

Diversity of races and classes

In Warcraft 12 classes, 36 specks, 21 race. And this list is growing! Thanks to that,

that wow is such a large selection of characters, it has a great replay value. I

personally, I know a lot of people who methodically pump almost everything (and sometimes straight

all…) possible combinations of races and classes. Some, for example, will pump the Orc-

hunter, and then are taken for an elf hunter and the question " and WHY?!??!" and

the answer is that the Orc — he’s harsh, he will be Surv, and elf is elf and will be the shooter. And such

there are many examples.

The introduction of allied races, no matter how they were honored for " Oh repainted skeletons", also added

diversity, and this is very cool, because there are many possible choices.


Diversity… Everything else!

The game has a lot of toys. The game is very, very many mounts. The game is incredibly much

items for transmogrification and this allows fans to posobirat something…

actually, to do what you love! I wanted the player to create the image of a pirate — go

at the auction, bought something. I realized that not enough of certain things. Opened the list

available models, found where these things fall, went, knocked out, created an image. And

got a lot of fun out of it, by the way! A bunch of models of equipment, which

allows you to dress your character as you like, from a poor farmer to the Lord of evil,

it helps to customize the character and, more importantly, strengthen some

connections, that whether, between him and player.

Or, for example, mount. The player wanted to knock out the Invincible, he went after him in 2014

year and churchgoers until now. Not know on expense pleasure, but includes such a man always

there is something to do in the game! Speaking of which…

What we love about WoW

In its long, 15-year history, WoW has known a lot… Haight. People tend to

to hate, to blame, to condemn something known and really good. It’s weird

a phenomenon,but it is. For example, literally every media person can say about

the fact that among the reviews about his activities with a probability of 100% appears Frank

Haight, who doesn’t depend on anything at all.

Yes, despite the fact that World of Warcraft — the best game in the genre of MMORPG and

it had almost no competitors, it has minuses and shortcomings. And the last time

they began to pay much more attention than the pros. It is in the nature of people to

good quickly get used to and want something even more good.

And if to speak about Pve or Pvp of a, for example, then there will be as those who believes that with these

directions all well, and those who will vilify them on what light is worth, it too

fine. But there in world war II, such aspects like the absolute most

players’. The absolute majority is not just everything, I specify for those who love

flaunt its uniqueness and & quot; netakoykakvseshnostyu" 😉

So, 8 of the aspects of WoW that we love!


The history of the world of Military craft, starting from the creation of the universe, is very elaborate,

exciting and interesting. With in-game stories as well as books

(Chronicles, I love it!) developers reveal this story to us, show it

versatility and volume. At what reveal gradually, instead of dump out all

information at once. For example, since the first strategies about Warcraft, we all

it was believed that the burning Legion-the main enemy of all things. And then we found out that he

it was created as a way to fight even more terrible creatures — the lords of the Abyss.

Or that’s the story of Illidan! At the time of BC, we were sure Illidan had gone mad and

became realistically evil character, and in thereafter it turned out, that his actions directed,

have always been aimed at saving the world. Talking about it is not only the story quests

in Legion, but also Illidan’s book, which reveals this character as a true warrior,

persistent, inflexible, which for the sake of a global good purpose is ready to go on the heads. But,

if it weren’t for Illidan, Azeroth would be gone.

And such examples of stories, when everything is not as it seems at first glance,

in world war II mass. And it is also very important that the plots in the game are all interconnected, and when

you are surprised by some event and think » damn, far-fetched!", worth only

look through the same Chronicles and everything can fall into place.

Favorite character

No matter how cool the plot may have books, movies, games and so on, if they do not

gorgeous characters, of success not to see them. Characters-the basis of the plot, the better they are

created and spelled out, the more soul in them invested, the more alive they seem and the more

stronger attract an audience. I’m sure no one will argue with the fact that the characters in

Warcraft chic.

Actually, the success of the second world War at its launch was largely due to just the same

the recognition of characters! Potential players broke into the second world War due to the fact that in this

they could see Arthas, Illidan, thrall, and so on. This gold

the Troika was created in the time of strategies, but they have already received their development in

MMORPG and in related literature.

Blizzard is very good at gradually reveal the characters,

show them from different angles. Sometimes we resent, they say, why the famous hero

does nothing if those sort of events, but in consequence are still logical

justification for this inaction. Actually, thanks to such here " inaction"

many characters have survived to this day. And, if all the old men shoved in

absolutely any conflicts, it would be very strange and… strange.

But the developers get not only to develop old and favorite characters, but also

new. The game has a lot of important characters and they all seem to be alive at all

traced their characters, views, strengths and weaknesses.

The biggest & quot;jamb" in this paragraph is only that often in WWII death

nothing says he won’t come back. But damn it, sometimes these

the returns are very grounded and look really epic!

Atmosphere of peace

Remember your first impressions of the game. Pleasure, inspiration, delight, comfort,

maybe? And they were not caused by class mechanics, by epics, or by

rankings of all sorts, and atmosphere, wonderful and magical. That-that, and in this plan

Blizzard real professionals.

Running through the Ash Forest and imbued with this calm elven atmosphere,

the age-old wisdom of the mighty oaks. You run across the Steppes and vividly imagine

the harsh life of the locals. You travel the Plague Lands and you feel

danger and the bone-chilling chill of the grave…

Or take Drustar, for example! This location is so drawn for her created this

sound design, such quests that the player seems to actually be in the

the damned forest as from any movie!

The beauty of the locations, scenery, ambient music… All this creates a unique



And here is this here is point deserves a separate mentioning. Musical themes from world war II —

this artwork. Sometimes, you play without sound, and everything seems to be fine,

usually… And then you turn on the sound and this music seems to take you straight to Azeroth!

Some themes contribute to peace and comfort, some create a fighting and

resolute mood, some cause anxiety and even mild sadness (taverns

undead, o Sargeras, what music is there). And all these themes do not leave players

indifferent, that’s for sure.

Ah and could not not say Pro Boralus, music in Boralus — this here is as… Like after two

for hunger to eat juicy, fresh and hot Shawarma (Shawarma for Petersburgers).


Loss of honor

Killing civilians is considered a dishonorable act and a negative

affects your rating. Whenever you kill a peaceful

as a resident, you lose some honor points earned in

for the last few weeks. From-for this receive new designation, when on

your account has dishonorable murders, very difficult. Dishonest

murders are immediately displayed in the «Honor» tab.

The story of your meteoric rise

Your status is displayed in the character information window (C key

by default) in the «Honor» tab. Your current rank is listed here

and the honorable victories you won today, yesterday, this week.

week, last week and all time in the game.

In total, the game has 14 titles, each of which opens new ones

rewards. New items can be purchased in the barracks for officers in

Stormwind or Orgrimmar.


Get ready to test your skills in WoW Classic by earning points

honor in PvP and fighting RAID bosses Lord Kazak and

Azuregos in the open world.

Lord Kazzak

Gather a squad of the best fighters and pathfinders — and go to

Scorched earth. Lord Kazzak patrols the most remote

the area of the Rotting Scar, punishing anyone who dares to stand in his way.

Get ready for a fast and furious fight with a time limit and

remember the ability to «Volley of arrows of Darkness», causing huge damage

the entire RAID.

Location: Rotting Scar-Scorched earth

Recommended level: 60

Recommended number of players: 40

Related jobs: Priest — behind victory over Bishop Kazzaka RAID

guaranteed to get an Eye Shadow, also randomly

drop down after defeating the elite demons in the open world.

For completing the task «Balance Of light and Shadow» players can get

weapons «Thanksgiving» or » Anathema.» More about this

legendary weapons you can read in the manual on Wowhead.


Azureros is a member of the blue dragon family, living on Azeroth and

guarding the magical artifacts left in this world. To

to seize them, having endured cold reception of the angry dragon, to you

it is necessary to gather a group of reliable comrades in arms. Booty

go to the winner, and in this battle hunters can

to get the leaf of an ancient tree tightened by veins. This item can be used with

some probability to get for defeating the elite Blues

dragons and guaranteed victory on Azuregos.

Location: Azshara

Recommended level: 60

Recommended number of players: 40

The honor system

WoW Classic has an honor system, and now players can fight

for ranks and get rewards in PvP.

Rank system

Win honorable victories, killing opponents, the level of which

differs from your not more than on 10. Honorary victories help

you advance in the PvP system, gaining access to various rewards,

such as PvP accessory, cloak, potions and so on.

However, not all honorable victories are equally valuable. Killing one and the other

same opponent many times in a row, you will get less points

honor-down to zero. This counter resets at the end of the day.

The number of honor points you get for defeating one and

the same purpose is considered as follows:

1st victory: 100% honor points

2nd victory: 75% honor points

3rd victory: 50% honor points

4th victory: 25% honor points

5th victory (and beyond): 0% honor points

Similarly the reward for defeating leaders is reduced

the opposite faction.

In addition, the number of honor points affects the level of the defeated

player and his rank in PvP. Your reward for defeating an experienced fighter,

long involved in PvP battles, will be higher than for winning over

beginner. Every week your rank will be updated in

according to your achievements relative to other players

your faction, but the path to the top will not be easy-to

to maintain your rank or to get higher, you need

to participate in the battle all week.

In addition, you can get a large number of honor points for

the murder of the leaders of the opposite faction in Darnassus, Orgrimmar,

Stormwind, on thunder Bluff and in the Suburbs. When in WoW Classic

battlefields will become available, you will also be able to earn honor points in

this mode.