Get ready to test your skills in WoW Classic by earning points

honor in PvP and fighting RAID bosses Lord Kazak and

Azuregos in the open world.

Lord Kazzak

Gather a squad of the best fighters and pathfinders — and go to

Scorched earth. Lord Kazzak patrols the most remote

the area of the Rotting Scar, punishing anyone who dares to stand in his way.

Get ready for a fast and furious fight with a time limit and

remember the ability to «Volley of arrows of Darkness», causing huge damage

the entire RAID.

Location: Rotting Scar-Scorched earth

Recommended level: 60

Recommended number of players: 40

Related jobs: Priest — behind victory over Bishop Kazzaka RAID

guaranteed to get an Eye Shadow, also randomly

drop down after defeating the elite demons in the open world.

For completing the task «Balance Of light and Shadow» players can get

weapons «Thanksgiving» or » Anathema.» More about this

legendary weapons you can read in the manual on Wowhead.


Azureros is a member of the blue dragon family, living on Azeroth and

guarding the magical artifacts left in this world. To

to seize them, having endured cold reception of the angry dragon, to you

it is necessary to gather a group of reliable comrades in arms. Booty

go to the winner, and in this battle hunters can

to get the leaf of an ancient tree tightened by veins. This item can be used with

some probability to get for defeating the elite Blues

dragons and guaranteed victory on Azuregos.

Location: Azshara

Recommended level: 60

Recommended number of players: 40

The honor system

WoW Classic has an honor system, and now players can fight

for ranks and get rewards in PvP.

Rank system

Win honorable victories, killing opponents, the level of which

differs from your not more than on 10. Honorary victories help

you advance in the PvP system, gaining access to various rewards,

such as PvP accessory, cloak, potions and so on.

However, not all honorable victories are equally valuable. Killing one and the other

same opponent many times in a row, you will get less points

honor-down to zero. This counter resets at the end of the day.

The number of honor points you get for defeating one and

the same purpose is considered as follows:

1st victory: 100% honor points

2nd victory: 75% honor points

3rd victory: 50% honor points

4th victory: 25% honor points

5th victory (and beyond): 0% honor points

Similarly the reward for defeating leaders is reduced

the opposite faction.

In addition, the number of honor points affects the level of the defeated

player and his rank in PvP. Your reward for defeating an experienced fighter,

long involved in PvP battles, will be higher than for winning over

beginner. Every week your rank will be updated in

according to your achievements relative to other players

your faction, but the path to the top will not be easy-to

to maintain your rank or to get higher, you need

to participate in the battle all week.

In addition, you can get a large number of honor points for

the murder of the leaders of the opposite faction in Darnassus, Orgrimmar,

Stormwind, on thunder Bluff and in the Suburbs. When in WoW Classic

battlefields will become available, you will also be able to earn honor points in

this mode.

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