Diversity of races and classes

In Warcraft 12 classes, 36 specks, 21 race. And this list is growing! Thanks to that,

that wow is such a large selection of characters, it has a great replay value. I

personally, I know a lot of people who methodically pump almost everything (and sometimes straight

all…) possible combinations of races and classes. Some, for example, will pump the Orc-

hunter, and then are taken for an elf hunter and the question " and WHY?!??!" and

the answer is that the Orc — he’s harsh, he will be Surv, and elf is elf and will be the shooter. And such

there are many examples.

The introduction of allied races, no matter how they were honored for " Oh repainted skeletons", also added

diversity, and this is very cool, because there are many possible choices.


Diversity… Everything else!

The game has a lot of toys. The game is very, very many mounts. The game is incredibly much

items for transmogrification and this allows fans to posobirat something…

actually, to do what you love! I wanted the player to create the image of a pirate — go

at the auction, bought something. I realized that not enough of certain things. Opened the list

available models, found where these things fall, went, knocked out, created an image. And

got a lot of fun out of it, by the way! A bunch of models of equipment, which

allows you to dress your character as you like, from a poor farmer to the Lord of evil,

it helps to customize the character and, more importantly, strengthen some

connections, that whether, between him and player.

Or, for example, mount. The player wanted to knock out the Invincible, he went after him in 2014

year and churchgoers until now. Not know on expense pleasure, but includes such a man always

there is something to do in the game! Speaking of which…

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