Like a beetle from world of Warcraft bred deadly Bear’s

There are countless amazing creatures in the world of Warcraft,

endowed with otherworldly powers. Legendary dragons, fire

elementals the size of skyscrapers, many varieties of wild boars… and this one

this list can be continued for a long time. However, once in the game, one beast,

able to give odds to all the other monsters.

We are talking about a deadly bear (as it was called by the developers themselves) with

Arati Highlands.

Perhaps, each of us is approximately familiar with the behavior of bears:

they growl, stand on their hind legs, wave their forelegs, bite, and in winter… 

winter. But the deadly bear did none of this. And

who do you think Blizzard designer Joe Magdalena remembered when his

asked on Twitter about World of Warcraft’s most memorable mistakes?

Discovered the beast while testing the first Supplement Burning Crusade

(2007), and then the bear could kill any player just by looking at him.

It was an unimaginable mistake. No enemies in MMO, and in any video games, early

or later to be defeated. Just need to pick up some » key»;,

correct tactics. However, the deadly bear remained invulnerable, and those who

I dared to go to him, I couldn’t really check anything, because

they died before they could swing their weapons.

In correspondence with Kotaku, Magdalena explained that » the God of bears»;

there were problems with numbers as a result. It turns out he was striking at

and so fast that it seemed to be killing his eyes.

Magdalena, who was a regular WoW tester at The time, explained::

We checked the battle logs and saw hundreds of entries like » brown bear beats you

for 1″, «brown bear beats you for 1», «brown bear beats you for 1″, » brown bear beats you

for 2 » and so on. He didn’t deal much damage at a time, but the number of hits

instantly became enormous.

The quality Department decided to check the parameters of the bear. His attack speed instead

The price was $ 0.002. That means he attacked every two thousandths of a second.

This is very fast for bears and other real or imaginary creatures.

When you create something, the developers are working with spreadsheets

and, perhaps, it was a banal typo. Wrong

put a decimal point, creating an inexplicable horror!

Sometimes a funny mistake in a video game can be related to a disguised one

the ability. But certainly not in the case of the death bear.

Magdalena said the developers decided to keep the bear in the game despite

that it was the result of a mistake. However, the players did not have such an opportunity

I’ll answer because they were just dying. For your own satisfaction

the developers attributed to this monster the legend of the deadly bear. But they

we knew it couldn’t last long.

The release of WoW Classic reminded players of a wonderful time when the game world

it was getting more dangerous because of the unexpected threats, Oh

which no one even warned you about. Deadly bear can be called

the highest manifestation of this spirit. Imagine, for example, Azeroth, in which

several hundred players gathered together, waiting like lazy and

slowly will pass this monster. Many gamers have banded together to fight

one is impregnable against the enemy.

Magdalena isn’t sure even the current WoW player base will handle it

a utopian beast, but actually hoping to become a deadly bear

will find its place in the game, which is now working for Joe. How

you see, we are talking about the stone of the hearth. At the same time, Joe stressed that

WoW Classic community is just not ready for the appearance of such a monster.

Now I’m a Hearthstone designer. I believe that the appearance of the bear of death can

become a fun addition, for Example, for the brawl tavern or treasure map in

Dungeon Escape. Can be a lot of fun, especially now that the legend

spread far beyond a joke between a few old school

testers from the quality assurance Department.

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