Lots of activities

Lots of activities

Often I hear from players that they " have nothing to do & quot; in WWII. Some just complain about

this, blaming the developers, they say, they were not given content. And other players who

more consciously approach the question, understand that " there is nothing to do & quot; = & quot;I do not want to do

what is". Because in fact, in the current version of the game just darkness!

Now I will list only the main ones:


 Миф myths and myths+

 Фрон fronts (Yes, it is doubtful, but they are and someone likes)

 Экспед expeditions for mounts and transmog


Farm reputation

Farm Bfashnyh mounts and Pets

Farm mounts and Pets previous additions

 Фар farm transmogrification

 ПВ PvP of an unrated (heap BG)

 ПВ PvP rating

World Pvp, which very even there is during invasions or in populated

Yes, there would be a desire

Of questing, actually

 Прока pumping violas

Role play

If it’s not a lot of things to do, I don’t know.

Plot Battle for Azeroth

This point does not quite fit into the overall picture, but I will now explain why it

got on the list.

Many water the plot of the BFA with poop, shout that it is illogical, that it is not

some sense that the actions of the characters are not justified and so on. But

now let’s look at what’s happening from a different angle!

First, the ancient Gods were involved, and with Them one could never be sure,

that the characters act on their own conclusions, perhaps by them

manipulate. Secondly, there is the human factor. If we need someone

the act seems illogical, it does not mean that it is, right? In-

third, Sylvanas is the Queen of not only the forsaken, but also a different kind of intrigue,

and if she had burned Teldrassil, then she must have done it for some reason


Actually, the plot of the BFA does not like only for the conflict in the Horde, they say " again the Horde is bad",

"Saurfang the traitor ","Silvana the creature & quot; and so on. But… think about how many themes on

the forum was created, how many keyboards ipecacuana, how many words are said on this

plot’s. All this suggests that it was a success! We just haven’t seen the ending yet and, uh,

strange guesses, do not less strange conclusions.

Of course, there are illogicalities and absurdities, but they are also in the masterpieces of world literature

full, isn’t it? Take the same Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings and the famous conflict

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