Union guilds brought player-Tauren in sacrifice magni Dwarf in WoW classic

Bunnings warehouse Guild in WWII classic decided to donate

Magni Bronzebeard player of the Horde. More than 40 players were ambushed by Tauren

Semsem who went to the location of the Fiery Depths, took it under control with the help

with the spell «mind control» and patiently brought him to the king.

They drove away other players, he tried to escape and even died on the way, but his


In the end, they brought him to the king, built a corridor through which

sent player-Tauren. As a result, he was executed, and magni Bronzebeard appreciated


Surprisingly, Semmsem decided to play along with the players of the Alliance and did not quit the game.

In the end, the entire chat expressed respect for the Horde player.

In the world of Warcraft:

Shadowlands at maximum

the level will be determined

up to 60 for cleaning

it’s pointless to grind

Over the years, the development of World of Warcraft, the maximum level of players has grown to

120, and newcomers have to go through already irrelevant content to

get the opportunity to move to new locations. With the Shadowlands addon

Blizzard will try to get rid of this problem. The company dominates

the maximum level of players is up to 60, and the starting zones will also change. 

Beginners will be introduced to the game in a new area in which it will be possible to

it is not necessary to meet with beginners and high level players

present a problem. With maximum level change the company wants,

to make gamers look forward to a pay rise:

We want to make sure that when you get a level then you get something

class. For example, ability. It’s not just «Ding» and the lights go out. In

as a result, you will have something new.

You always get something. Whether it’s unlocking new content or buff for

abilities. This should be a more enjoyable way to reach the levels.

There will also be the option to choose which extension to go through to boost

level to 50 and get access to the Shadowlands content. Ultimately, the goal

it make the whole process of progress fun rather than boring


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