What we love about WoW

In its long, 15-year history, WoW has known a lot… Haight. People tend to

to hate, to blame, to condemn something known and really good. It’s weird

a phenomenon,but it is. For example, literally every media person can say about

the fact that among the reviews about his activities with a probability of 100% appears Frank

Haight, who doesn’t depend on anything at all.

Yes, despite the fact that World of Warcraft — the best game in the genre of MMORPG and

it had almost no competitors, it has minuses and shortcomings. And the last time

they began to pay much more attention than the pros. It is in the nature of people to

good quickly get used to and want something even more good.

And if to speak about Pve or Pvp of a, for example, then there will be as those who believes that with these

directions all well, and those who will vilify them on what light is worth, it too

fine. But there in world war II, such aspects like the absolute most

players’. The absolute majority is not just everything, I specify for those who love

flaunt its uniqueness and & quot; netakoykakvseshnostyu" 😉

So, 8 of the aspects of WoW that we love!


The history of the world of Military craft, starting from the creation of the universe, is very elaborate,

exciting and interesting. With in-game stories as well as books

(Chronicles, I love it!) developers reveal this story to us, show it

versatility and volume. At what reveal gradually, instead of dump out all

information at once. For example, since the first strategies about Warcraft, we all

it was believed that the burning Legion-the main enemy of all things. And then we found out that he

it was created as a way to fight even more terrible creatures — the lords of the Abyss.

Or that’s the story of Illidan! At the time of BC, we were sure Illidan had gone mad and

became realistically evil character, and in thereafter it turned out, that his actions directed,

have always been aimed at saving the world. Talking about it is not only the story quests

in Legion, but also Illidan’s book, which reveals this character as a true warrior,

persistent, inflexible, which for the sake of a global good purpose is ready to go on the heads. But,

if it weren’t for Illidan, Azeroth would be gone.

And such examples of stories, when everything is not as it seems at first glance,

in world war II mass. And it is also very important that the plots in the game are all interconnected, and when

you are surprised by some event and think » damn, far-fetched!", worth only

look through the same Chronicles and everything can fall into place.

Favorite character

No matter how cool the plot may have books, movies, games and so on, if they do not

gorgeous characters, of success not to see them. Characters-the basis of the plot, the better they are

created and spelled out, the more soul in them invested, the more alive they seem and the more

stronger attract an audience. I’m sure no one will argue with the fact that the characters in

Warcraft chic.

Actually, the success of the second world War at its launch was largely due to just the same

the recognition of characters! Potential players broke into the second world War due to the fact that in this

they could see Arthas, Illidan, thrall, and so on. This gold

the Troika was created in the time of strategies, but they have already received their development in

MMORPG and in related literature.

Blizzard is very good at gradually reveal the characters,

show them from different angles. Sometimes we resent, they say, why the famous hero

does nothing if those sort of events, but in consequence are still logical

justification for this inaction. Actually, thanks to such here " inaction"

many characters have survived to this day. And, if all the old men shoved in

absolutely any conflicts, it would be very strange and… strange.

But the developers get not only to develop old and favorite characters, but also

new. The game has a lot of important characters and they all seem to be alive at all

traced their characters, views, strengths and weaknesses.

The biggest & quot;jamb" in this paragraph is only that often in WWII death

nothing says he won’t come back. But damn it, sometimes these

the returns are very grounded and look really epic!

Atmosphere of peace

Remember your first impressions of the game. Pleasure, inspiration, delight, comfort,

maybe? And they were not caused by class mechanics, by epics, or by

rankings of all sorts, and atmosphere, wonderful and magical. That-that, and in this plan

Blizzard real professionals.

Running through the Ash Forest and imbued with this calm elven atmosphere,

the age-old wisdom of the mighty oaks. You run across the Steppes and vividly imagine

the harsh life of the locals. You travel the Plague Lands and you feel

danger and the bone-chilling chill of the grave…

Or take Drustar, for example! This location is so drawn for her created this

sound design, such quests that the player seems to actually be in the

the damned forest as from any movie!

The beauty of the locations, scenery, ambient music… All this creates a unique



And here is this here is point deserves a separate mentioning. Musical themes from world war II —

this artwork. Sometimes, you play without sound, and everything seems to be fine,

usually… And then you turn on the sound and this music seems to take you straight to Azeroth!

Some themes contribute to peace and comfort, some create a fighting and

resolute mood, some cause anxiety and even mild sadness (taverns

undead, o Sargeras, what music is there). And all these themes do not leave players

indifferent, that’s for sure.

Ah and could not not say Pro Boralus, music in Boralus — this here is as… Like after two

for hunger to eat juicy, fresh and hot Shawarma (Shawarma for Petersburgers).


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